Corrosive Like Salt Water

Glass Curtain Gallery

September 4-October 19, 2018 

Artists included: Ramón Miranda Beltrán, Jorge González, María Rojas, Andrés JuradoSofía Gallisá Muriente, Josue Pellot, Guillermo Rodriguez, Monica Rodriguez, nibia pastrana santiago, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, and Edra Soto

Corrosive Like Salt Water gathers the work of Puerto Rican artists whose practices pose compelling formal propositions, politically charged imagery, and social commentary about the island’s social and geopolitical position. The artists use esoteric, sarcastic, and kinetic elements to unveil the mosaic of idiosyncrasies related to being born in a U.S. invaded territory. This fact is at the center of most of these artists’ work, yet with radical, acerbic critique they challenge historical narratives, social stagnation, and political myopia in relation to the island’s long colonial history.

In Corrosive Like Salt Water, artists employ revisionist methods, cultural signifiers, and identity politics to meditate and comment on the complexity of Puerto Rico’s racial and economic legacies. Thematically, the exhibition pushes through allegorical projections of Caribbean kinship, island geography, and colonial identity giving the audience a considerate and embedded view into discursive and artistic manifestations in and outside Puerto Rico.

Photos by Rob Karlic
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